Be your own BOSS!

Set your own schedule: work on your own terms and maintain a flexible schedule to meeting your family needs, or simply do what you enjoy most!

We facilitate the movement of items between locations.  Our customers enjoy the convenience of being at their comforts.  That means we can make people experience convenience and comfort while saving considerable time on errands.

For our riders, it means we can offer competitive fees and flexibility. We are growing fast and we need superstar riders who are up for the challenge.

We are all about offering amazing service and that goes for our riders too. So we assign you closest to your home where everything is known to you and to enjoy being an essential part of your community.


We welcome you to a flexible yet rewarding assignment

Enjoy with ralo

Define your schedule

You only work when you want to! We have this flexibility that you can manage yourself.

Choose your location

You can start work in your home town or choose from available locations.

Enjoy competitive pay

Your pay will be compensated to the highest standard. it won't be complex to calculate. Get paid for each task completed - simple & easy!

Simple mobile app

You will benefit from an app loaded with access to all tasks required to be at your best!

Branded merchandise

You will be provided with all merchandise required to complete your task.

Contactless experience

Your safety is important to us and so we encourage you to have a contactless experience.

What you will have?

To work with us, you’ll need the following:

  1. A scooter/motorbike with relevant safety equipment (road safety is a huge must for us!)
  2. A smartphone 
  3. The right to work in India
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