Why do businesses choose Ralo?

Whether you’re a big business, retailer, online shop or social media seller, we service your shipping needs. Customer expectations are growing every day and quick delivery options are at the top of their list. We allow you to deliver any item within an hour, providing you with the edge against competitors.

We specialise in last-mile delivery. 

Cost Efficiency

We save you the costs of hiring staff, buying vehicles, and buying software & systems to manage deliveries


We offer same-day delivery if you tag the order as urgent, and next day delivery otherwise

Real-Time Tracking

You can track your orders in real-time and see where your package is

Great Customer Experience

We deploy super friendly and well-trained personnel to ensure we exceed customers’ expectations

Flexible Integration

You can connect our dashboard to your CRM to automate the delivery orders, or upload your orders


When your CRM is connected to our dashboard, we’ll automatically start the pick-up/delivery once you get an order

We are a partner of choice for retail shop owners and online sellers who would want to get their orders fulfilled. It might be the grocery or a home-baked cake that you sell, leave the delivery to us.

You just have to provide us with the location of your customer. We can also process the payment on your behalf.

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